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3 Inexpensive & Simple Spring Home Decor Tips

by Ai Creatives 12 Apr 2023

As spring approaches, the time has come to break out that gorgeous set of lace curtains and fill all the vases in the house with fresh flowers to brighten and liven up your home. Why? Well, spring is the season of rebirth. It’s a time when flowers bloom in the wild and when previously withered trees burst out with green leaves. A time of change… of fresh ideas and the growth of beautiful new things. So why not let all of these things reflect in your home as well.

In this blog, we’d like to share 3 spring decorating tips that can help you take your home to the next level, all while requiring you to spend nearly nothing at all. No, we won’t be asking you to buy new furniture sets or hire an expert spring designer who will then proceed to quote you thousands of dollars. Simply follow these 3 tips, and you’ll be able to revive the energy within your home without breaking your wallet, or spending too much money.

At Main and Crawford, we offer many transformative decorative items that will liven up your home for spring. Besides, all our premier products are offered at competitive prices that will be sure to help you spare more of your hard-earned money for the upcoming summer. Click HERE to browse through the full catalogue, and find the right decorations for you.

1. Add a pop of colour

Adding flowers to liven up the interior of your home for spring is probably cliché at this point. However, this is a powerful tip that’s truly transformative because the right set of flowers can make your interior “pop” and add that much-needed splash of colour.
Choose flowers that are bright, like daisies and bright tulips (instead of plane roses) and pair them with gorgeous signature flower pots and vases, such as our Siene Textured Smoked Glass Vase which is particularly stylish and elegant.

2. Garden Inspired Wall Art

A garden-inspired painting will typically cost you a couple of dollars. However, it is often extremely good at creating that spring centred natural aesthetic. Hanging natural art (e.g. paintings of flowers and gardens) is a great way to spruce up the interior of your home with a flare of stunning spring style.

3. Brightly accented rugs

And last but not least, a brightly accented rug will be the last thing that you’ll need to tie it all together. Accenting your floors with bright colours will illuminate your rooms from the ground up and help you pull off a lively style of spring beauty.
Here at Main and Crawford, we have many more spring decorative tips that we’d love to share with you. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll help you give your house’s interior the transformation that it truly deserves.

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