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Unique & Antique Wall Clocks - Large Roman Numeric Clocks For Walls

Wall Clocks are the ultimate home décor accessory. They can be decorative elements and functional tools at the same time. At Maine & Crawford, we have a wide selection of wall clocks for sale online. Our lovely wall clocks are bold and inspired by vintage and modern elements. These wall clocks are suitable for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and hallway spaces. Our antique clocks are available in a range of styles, colours and shapes; they will complete your interior décor perfectly. All of these modern wall clocks are being offered at very competitive prices too! Start shopping now!

Online Wall Clocks Catalogue

Are you looking for a wall clock with a modern look or does a traditional one sound more appealing? Whatever your tastes are, we are certain that we have something in our collection that will catch your eye. When it comes to modern clocks, there are many different interpretations of what that entails. There are minimalist modern wall clocks and modern retro clocks. All these are under the same bracket, but they have distinct elements and very different looks. The same can be said about vintage and antique clocks. Some vintage clocks lend themselves well to traditional home designs while others blend well with modern transitional room designs. In our catalogue we have all the above, you are spoiled for choice. We also have clocks for office spaces. They are made with various materials such as wood, metal, glass and synthetic. We have also diversified our collection so that there is something for all tastes and palettes. If you are looking for extra help in choosing between an analogue clock, or a large wall clock, do not hesitate to contact us. We will take you through the various options that we have, and help you narrow down your top picks.

Discover High-End Wall Clocks For Every Room

We have wall clocks for every room. Our kitchen clocks bring character to your kitchen while allowing you to keep track of time as you prepare your meals. Some of our clients want a more elegant and sophisticated look and we have a black clock that is the perfect choice. For the lounge, we have a gold wall clock that has a very regal look. Whether you need a clock with large numbers that are easily legible or vintage Roman numerals; we have both options.

Why Shop Wall Clocks at Maine & Crawford?

At Maine & Crawford, we are here to make your life better. Everything that we have in stock has been chosen because it can improve your life. Living a more conscious life not only benefits you as an individual but also improves the lives of those around you and those that will come after you. We have taken strides to make our online store easily accessible and easy to use for all our customers. Everything is categorised so that you can effortlessly locate whatever you need with no fuss. We also have a simple payment process, and your order will be delivered to you in no time.

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