Hanging Planters

Hanging Pots Australia: Create a Beautiful Flower Garden In Your Home

Hanging plant pots especially on your patio, in the backyard or on your balcony help to promote a tranquil lifestyle. We have a fantastic collection of hanging plant pots to suit every patio and balcony. Our hanging pots collections are available in a wide variety of finishes, colours, shapes and sizes. Shop hanging plant pots.

The Best Hanging Planters For Your Space

Hanging planters are a unique, space-saving and stylish way to display your real or artificial plants. With a hanging planter, your plants become a focal point and conversation starter in your space. Maine & Crawford offers a wide range of hanging planter sizes and designs to suit any type of space whether you're a green thumb or simply want to bring the outdoors into your living space. Your plants deserve to take centre stage and we are here to help them do so.

Stylish Indoor Hanging Planters For Every Home

Plants do not have to be just outdoor decorations. Maine & Crawford hanging planters add a touch of natural charm to your indoor space. Decorate your living rooms and offices as well as your bedrooms and bathrooms with stylish hanging planters that showcase your green companions. 

You can select from a variety of designs, materials and sizes to create a hanging planter that perfectly complements your indoor space. Purchase an indoor hanging planter today to give your home or office a stylish nature upgrade.

Transform Your Patio or Balconies with Outdoor Hanging Planter

Maximize the natural appeal and tranquil of your outdoor space with our outdoor hanging planters. Our collection of hanging pots will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, whether you have a lush garden or a cosy balcony that requires a touch of outdoor charm. Hanging plants allow you to highlight your beautiful greenery while also adding a refreshing touch to your space. 

You can never go wrong with an elegant hanging plant stand from Maine and Crawford's exclusive collection. Browse our selection now to find the ideal hanging planter for your patio, balcony, or garden.

Order Your Hanging Plant Pots Online Now

Need a touch of natural elegance to your indoor or outdoor space? Our hanging plant pots are the perfect addition for your home and offices. Browse through our hanging pots range to get the perfect option for your space. 

FAQs About Hanging Pots

What are some popular types of hanging plants for indoor spaces?

Spider plants, pothos and also ferns are amazing choices of indoor hanging plants. They're low-maintenance plus look fabulous and bring some good vibes into your space.

Can I use any pot for hanging plants, or are there specific considerations?

If you want your plant to feel stylish, right? Just make sure that the pot has drainage holes to avoid soggy bottoms. Lightweight options work best for hanging plants and some come with nifty hooks for easy installation.

Are there low-maintenance hanging plants for beginners?

Absolutely! Heartleaf Philodendron, Snake Plant and ZZ Plant are great choices for beginners; They require minimal care and can tolerate different light conditions.

How do I choose the right hanging planter for my plant and space?

Consider the size of your plant and the available space. Opt for a planter with good drainage and choose a style that compliments your home decor. Adjustable hanging mechanisms can be useful for different ceiling heights.

What are some creative ways to display hanging plants in my home?

Get creative by using macrame hangers decorative hooks or even repurposing old items like ladders or wooden crates. Experiment with different heights and groupings for a unique look.

Can I use hanging plants in outdoor spaces, and what varieties are suitable?

Absolutely! Outdoor hanging plants like Fuchsia, Boston Fern and Petunias work well. Ensure they receive the appropriate sunlight and protection from harsh weather conditions.

Are there hanging plants that can help improve indoor air quality?

Yes! Spider Plant, Peace Lily and Snake Plant are known for their air-purifying qualities which be making them excellent choices for improving indoor air quality.

Are there hanging plant varieties that are pet-friendly?

Furry friends in the house? No worries as Boston ferns, areca palms, and spider plants are pet-friendly hanging plants; Just make sure your pets know they're for admiring, not snacking.


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