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Top Tips to Pick the Right Pots for Your Indoor Plants

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Are you an indoor gardener? Container gardening has made it possible for people that love plants but do not have yard space to enjoy the greenery. All you need is a small space such as a balcony to set up all your plants in. Another key component of having house plants is choosing the right pots for your plants. This will ensure that they have enough space to grow and bloom. Below are some top tips you can use to choose plant pots for your house plants.

1. Know what to look for

There are some basic considerations you need to keep in mind before you are choosing a potted plant. You need to choose a plant pot that has drainage holes so that there is enough space for water to flow. There should be enough space for the plant that you want to place to grow in as well.

2. Get the right size plant pot

The diameter of a plant pot determines which type of plant it can accommodate. 10-inch pots can hold up to 11kgs of soil and this makes them perfect for succulents. Vegetables such as leaf lettuce beets and turnips also grow well in these plant pots. 14-inch pots are perfect for peas, cabbage and greens like kale and collard greens.

18-inch pots can accommodate large vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. 24-inch pots can house plants that have an extensive root system. Small trees such as pomegranate and dwarf peach trees are perfect for this size plant pots. 30-inch pots are massive and serve as nursery pots for trees that can later be transplanted into the ground.

3. Get the right plant pot material

Plastic pots are lightweight and low cost. This makes them a popular choice for indoor plants but you must be careful not to choose plant pots that aren’t too thin as they will photodegrade with time and the pot will eventually fall apart. Terracotta pots are made from red clay this makes the pots absorb water from the soil. They are perfect for drought-resistant plants such as rosemary.

Glazed ceramic pots are sturdy and heavy. Almost any type of plant can grow well in these plant pots. They however tend to be pricier than most and can crack in freezing temperatures. Hanging baskets are a great option for small plants such as succulents. They have good drainage, so you need to make sure that you do not put anything below them.

At Maine and Crawford, we love all things to do with potted plants. We have a full range of plant pots that you can choose from.  Visit our website today to view the full catalogue.

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