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What you need to know before buying a Rug online

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

There is no doubt that when it comes to purchasing household items (such as beds, paintings and rugs), making these purchases online is the best option for you. Sure, a well-known downside is that you won’t get to physically preview the product in person before purchase. However, this is only a big issue if you’re buying pre-used products (because you’ll need to assess the extent of the defects that the product faced during its prior use, be it physically or in terms of its functionality). However, if your online purchase is brand new, there is no need to worry about this; instead, you can simply enjoy the fact that you can browse and buy a much larger collection of products than you’d find instore while in the comfort of your bed, and your item will be delivered directly to your door.

Be that as it may, if you’re planning on purchasing a rug, there are a few things that you’ll need to know before doing this. These tips will help you ease the sale process and make sure that you only buy a product you will ultimately be very happy with.

1. Buy From Reputable Online Stores

Our very first tip when it comes to buying a rug online is to only make this purchase from a reputable online store. Not all online stores will deliver on the rugs that they promote when it comes to quality. Because of this, you should only purchase rugs from reputable online stores that are well known, and that have good customer service systems.

If you’re looking for a store like this, visit our website today. At Main and Crawford, we offer only the best and do not compromise in terms of quality. Besides, our products are all well priced, so you’ll be able to buy the rug of your dreams while not making a huge dent in your bank account. Click HERE to preview through our vast catalogue of rugs and find the right one for your home.

2. Measure out the dimensions

The next thing that you’ll definitely need to do is to measure out the dimensions of the rug that you’re thinking of buying before making the purchase. Unlike most things, rugs come in all shapes and sizes. And usually, you’ll be buying that rug for a specific space.

So, no matter what type of rug you buy (be it rectangular or rounded), you should take note of the recorded dimensions and take the time to measure them out against the space you’re thinking of putting your rug on before purchase.
There is nothing worse than discovering that your rug is too big or too small after you’ve made the purchase. Well, this can help you prevent that.

3. Reviews are your friend

And finally, our last tip for you today is to be mindful of the reviews. Always read the comments section and take time to learn more about other people’s experiences with a rug, because those experiences will most likely reflect yours.

Here at Main and Crawford, we’d love to help you find the right rug for your home.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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