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Top Plant Stand Ideas For Your Home

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

If you have beautiful plants in your home, you need to get unique plant pots for them. On top of that, those plant pots need beautiful stands. Plants require lots of sun and water. They also need to be elevated so that they are not accidentally kicked over. For that indoor plant stands are the perfect addition. They keep your plants at a level where it is easy to water them and they can get direct access to light. Below are the top plant stand ideas that we, at Maine and Crawford, picked out for you.

1. Single surface plant stands

If you have plants that have specific lighting requirements or that are very fragile and sensitive to jostling, single surface plant stands are just what you need. This type of plant stand allows you to place the plant away from other things in the room. You can choose one that complements your décor in the room that you plan to place it in. This way you get a nice centrepiece for your room as well as a place for your plants.

2. Stepped tray plant stands

Do you love arranging your plants in eye catching and beautiful placements? This type of plant stand may just be what you need. For those that have indoor herb gardens or that grow microgreens, stepped tray plant stands are both convenient and beautiful. The top shelves are perfect for small herbs and the lower shelves which tend to be wider can be used for seedlings or microgreens. 

3. Wrought iron plant stands

From just looking at these plant stands; one would imagine that they are very delicate. This could not be further from the truth. Wrought ironplant stands have sturdy shelves that can firmly support heavy plant pots. These plant stands work best when they are placed near a tall window or a sliding glass door. Houseplants placed on these will flourish because of the secure footing and the extra light.

4. Spiral stair step plant stands

Spiral stair step plants are not as efficient in the use of space when compared to other simpler stands. This, however, should not deter you as they create a graceful display for your houseplants. In open areas or slightly away from windows is where this plant stands work best. Plants that prefer indirect sunlight are most suited for these plant stands. Trailing ivy vines and succulents are just a few ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website to view our full catalogue of plant stands. At Maine and Crawford, we love all things to do with indoor plants. We have many different types of plant stands that you can choose from.  Visit our website today to view the full catalogue.

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