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Best Pool Accessory Options for the Summer of 2021

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Imagine reclining in the comfort of your pool on an inflatable accessory while the sun tans your skin and the cool waters wash away all of your worries. Or the sight of your children splashing around on bright pool toys as they take a dip on a hot summer’s day. This is the dream that most people envision with delight when they think about summer vacation and family time. However, unless you prepare your household ahead of time by purchasing the right pool accessories, this dream will not become your reality.

Below, we will list some of the best pool accessories that you can purchase for the summer of 2021. These pool toys are sure to not only make your holiday time a lot more enjoyable, but to delight your children and bless you with happy family memories spend relaxing in your pool. Here at Maine& Crawford, we offer a large selection of inflatables, pool accessories and toys that will do all of the above, all at good prices. To preview through our catalogue, click HERE.

1. Swim Rings and Inflatable Recliners

One of the best ways to make the most of hot weather and truly enjoy the summer is to float on a bed of cool water. However, this will not be possible if you don’t invest in a good set of inflatable swim rings or pool recliners ahead of time. These accessories will allow you to enjoy the heat while keeping cool, as you bask in the sun over your pools cool waters. As such, for premium quality pool rings, you should try our Flourescent Swim Ring with Assorted Colours. However, if you’d like an even cosier experience, we’ve got you covered. Our Tropical Leaf Pattern Pool Float is large enough for you to recline peacefully while savouring your pools tranquil environment.

2. Inflatable animals and cute pool toys

Why not make your pool pop with large inflatable pool floats that are beautiful and decorative, in addition to being fun and comfortable recliners. For this, our Swan Flatback Ride On would be the perfect option! Inflatable animals are great options if you’re looking for comfortable pool floats that will also appeal to your children. In addition, if you have younger children, you should consider buying them cute pool toys as well. These floats, such as our Jumbo Seahorse Swim Ring, are sure to spark their imaginations and turn family time in the pool into a grand adventure.

At Maine and Crawford, we love making people’s summer dreams come true. As such, we offer the highest quality pool accessories and toys at premium prices. Reach out to us, and we can help you ensure that you and your family truly enjoy the coming summer.

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