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Home Decor Guide: Expert Advice for Complete Home Decoration

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Are you thinking of redecorating your home? Do you need a few tips and trick to help you achieve a look that you will be happy with? We have put together some advice from industry experts on how you can decorate your entire home. In general, there are no rules that are set in concrete when it comes to home décor. These tips are just a general guideyou can use and figure out what you think will work for you. Read on!

1. Use a focal point in each room

In order to make any room look and feel more cohesive, you can choose one item that can be the focal point, then design around that object. This can be a piece of art, a statement piece of furniture or anything else that is eye catching. The rest of what you put in the room can then complement or match that main feature.

2. Follow the 1-3-5 rule

When you are choosing fabrics, looking for home décor accessories or any style decision in generalthe 1-3-5 rule is a good one to follow. Keeping your choices in groupings of one, three or five makes a room nicer to look at and easier on the eye. The visual effect of following this rule is stunning and everything looks well put together.

3. Hang your artwork at eye level

Art is a great way to bring colour and life into a room. But you have to be particular with how you hang the pieces that you have. the focal point of each artwork must be approximately 57 inches from the floor. This makes it easier for people that enter the room to fully engage with the art and enjoy it.

4. Be strategic with mirror placements

Mirrors are a popular trend in home design. It brings the depth into any room and are a great way to brighten up a room. When placing mirrors, you must be strategic with where and how you hang them. A mirror can just look good, reflect light back into the room or reflect other pieces in the room depending on how it is hung.

5. Take your time choosing colours

Before you choose a paint colours, swatch it on the wall you plan on using it on then see how it looks at different times of the day. Hues change with lighting and shadows so you need to choose a shade that looks good all day long. Pick neutral colours for your investment pieces so that they are easy to work with in case you want to redecorate in a few years’ time.

At Maine and Crawford, we specialise in home décor. We have a full catalogue of home décor pieces that you can choose from. Our team of design experts are always available to help you pick and choose the right pieces for you.

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