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How to decorate a Christmas tree

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

It’s Christmas time. The festive season for holiday cheer has finally arrived. Decorations of all kinds and colours will now be flying out of malls and onto your Christmas tree. However, even after buying all of the decorations you could possibly need, it can sometimes be very difficult to do a good job when decorating your Christmas tree. How do you hang the lights? Where do you put all of the sparkling baubles? How do you arrange all of the ornaments and make your tree look like the gorgeous Christmas trees on TV?

If you have any of these questions, fear not. Here at Maine and Crawford, we have answers for you. Below, we will give you tips on how to decorate a good tree.

1. Buy a good tree

The first step to decorating the perfect Christmas tree is to make sure that you buy a good quality tree to work with. Strong natural pine trees, or artificial trees that are built from premium materials, will have sturdier branches and a better overall appeal. If you invest in a good tree, you will find it a lot easier to hag ornaments and decorate its already beautiful shape.

2. Fluff up the branches of your tree

Next, it is important to fluff up the branches of your tree. This is when you separate each individual branch and make your tree puff up. Fluffing can often be a very tedious job. However, it will make a significant difference. After you fluff your tree, you’ll have a fuller-looking Christmas tree that will look more appealing once decorated.

3. Start decorating with the fairy light

After this, it’s finally time to start decorating. Before you start hanging ornaments, it’s important to arrange your fairy lights around the tree first. This will allow you to capture the shape of the tree, and to really spark it up. When doing this, following a weaving pattern will yield the best results. You should start at the top of the tree, then thread your way down in a circular weaving pattern until you’ve wrapped the tree up in a thread of concentric fairy lights. A good rule of thumb: when weaving, place the bulb of one light under a branch, and the next light above the following branch.

4. Fill up your tree with ornaments

After this, you’ll finally get to do what everyone enjoys the most. You’ll get to hang the ornaments. In this step, it’s important to have fun above all else. Hang coloured baubles around the trees exterior in whatever arrangement you’d like. The more random and unique, the better. If you’re looking to create the traditional bright Christmas tree, however, you should ensure that your ornaments remain spaced out in colour. Don’t allow any two ornaments that are the same colour to get too close together.

5. Place the Star

Finally, after all of your hard work, you can now conclude with the ceremonial task of placing the star on the top of the tree.

At Main and Crawford, we can give you helpful tips on many for topics. Visit our website to learn more today… And have a Merry Christmas!

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