Christmas Trees

Create Your Perfect Christmas Setting with Christmas Trees Australia

The festive season in Australia holds a charm of its own, and at Maine and Crawford, we believe in celebrating it with a Christmas tree that says what you want and is just right for your style. For every Australian home, our collection holds everything from classic real Christmas trees to innovative Christmas tree ideas that cater to every taste and space.

Christmas Trees for Every Australian Home

Whether you're looking for a majestic centerpiece or a petite tree to fit snugly in your place, these chandeliers will have you swooning. Our Australian Christmas trees are beautifully and reliably sourced to let you choose from the authentic rich foliage of the real thing without the mess of fallen needles. For the more adventurous, our themed trees and color-coordinated Christmas tree decorations put a fresh take on giving your setup an edge.

With our Christmas tree sale, you will find any size and style of tree, from pre-lit ones that help keep you from tangles with year-in, year-out lights. Our decorations range from the traditional baubles to diverse Australian motifs to make your xmas tree reflect the real spirit of an Australian Christmas.

Inspirational Christmas Tree Ideas

Decorating the Christmas tree is always special, and it's one tradition we love to inspire with fresh ideas. From minimalist designs that echo the serene Australian landscapes to bold and bright themes marking the vibrancy of an Australian Christmas, our collection really does have something for every single one of you, encouraging your creative and personal flair.

You may even want to include Australian native flora and fauna when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree to make it really feel local.  Our blog also features creative tips and trends for decorating your Christmas tree to ensure your holiday decor is as festive and inviting as the season itself.

At Maine and Crawford, we work hard to make your Christmas the most magical and stress-free season possible. Peruse the collection and find your dream tree, including all the decorations you need to make that holiday vision come true. Remember, the perfect Christmas starts with the perfect Christmas tree – let us help you find yours.

FAQs About Christmas Trees Australia

How do I choose the right size Christmas tree for my space?

Measure your ceiling height and the available space width. Make sure to choose a tree at least a foot shorter than the ceiling to allow room for the topper to be placed.

Can I use LED lights for my Christmas tree to save energy?

Yes, you are advised to go for the LED lights which consume much less energy and are safe as; they emit less heat with a reduced chance of fire.

Can I recycle my Christmas tree, and how do I do it?

Check for the Christmas tree recycling program in your area. You can either drop it off at the location provided or put it at the curbside pickup as per the schedule set by the local waste management authority.

What are some creative themes for decorating a Christmas tree?

Other theme ideas could include a winter wonderland, vintage nostalgia, Australian summer or even a color-themed tree for a "something different" look.

Can I use LED lights for my Christmas tree to save energy?

Yes, LED lights are best used for energy saving and safety as; they produce less heat and reduce fire risks. 

How do I choose and care for a potted Christmas tree?

Choose a healthy tree suited to your climate, water regularly and keep it away from heat sources. During the week prior to planting, gradually accustom the tree to the exterior environment.

Can I replant a real Christmas tree after the holidays?

If you have a potted tree with its roots wrapped in intact soil- you can then introduce it to outdoor conditions gradually before planting in a suitable location.

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