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4 Super Fun Beach Games For Kids Of All Ages

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Summer is upon us and for many that means spending lots of time at the beach while it’s a good idea to spend your time there relaxing under an umbrella perhaps reading your favorite book. Make sure you bring shovels and buckets come in handy for digging holes and building sandcastles, beach games sure keep kids (teens and toddlers alike) occupied the whole day. There are so many educational games that you can play which encourage teamwork and problem solving.

1. Beach volleyball

What is a day at the beach if there’snot a beach volleyball being played? When setting up the game remember that it’s not so much about the technique, it’s a chance for your kids to let loose and enjoy the sun and sand. To help you with the setting up with the things we have an assortment of beach balls that you can use for that day. For example, here is a Mega Jumbo Pineapple Beach Ball that you can use.

2. Tug of war

Even though schools might be closed for summer, you can still have a mock field day of your own at the beach. Playing tug of war on the sand has the added benefit of no scrapes, bruises and grass stains. All you need is a strong but soft polyester rope so that there is no rope burn. Here is our Skipping Rope that you can repurpose for your tug of war games.

3. Beach rugby

A rough tumble in the sand may just be what the kids need to release all their pent-up energy. Beach rugby can be played with any number of players, you just need to put them into two teams and then mention the rules that they are meant to follow. You also need a good beach rugby ball to get things rolling. Here is our Pro Beach Rugby Ball that you can use to initiate the fun.

4. Beach bowling

If your kids love bowling they will really enjoy beach bowling. It is more fun when you can throw strikes in your bare feet instead of having to wear rented, stinking bowling shoes. You can get a kids’ bowling set to keep your little ones occupied. To make the game more competitive you can dig sand gutters on both sides of your lanes.

The beach has many fun activities that you and your family can enjoy. To make sure that you are ready. Visit our website to get all your beach supplies ready. This summer can be one for the memory books.

At Maine & Crawford, we have the best beach accessories. We have a wide range of beach accessories such as cooler bags and more that you can choose from. Visit our website and view our full range of products.

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