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Where To Buy Car Sunshades

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Do you ever wonder why people buy car sunshades? Well a windshield sunshade’s purpose is to shield the interior of your car from inclement damage that is caused by the sun’s heat as well as harsh UV rays. Continuous exposure results in the interior of a car losing its lustre and shine. A sunshade prevents unsightly fading, cracking or even wear and tear on your car’s dashboard. Having a protective function in your cara sunshade can also be a stylish way to make your car pop. At Maine & Crawford we have a wide selection of beautiful sun shades for you to choose from. To find out more about these, read on!

1. Different sun shade styles

We have several sun shade styles for you to choose from. We have such a wide range of sun shades to ensure that you will find one that suits your needs as well as your personal style. Firstly we have foldable custom fit sun shades. These are very easy to fold and unfold and they provide unparalleled coverage from the sun’s harsh rays. When you buy one of these you can rest easy knowing that every inch of your windscreen will be covered by this efficient sun shade.

For those that prefer a more affordable accessory that can still get the job done. We have a wide selection of universal windscreen car shades that can seamlessly blend into any car. You will surely have fun choosing from our range which includes the Wild Thing Car Sunshade as well as the Banana Leaf Car Sunshade. Let your summer glow shine through your windscreen (without all those pesky sun rays of course). 

2. Good value for money

At Maine & Crawford we believe that every client of ours deserves good quality products at a decent price. This is why we take our time choosing each of our products so that the user experience is always satisfactory. You can keep the interior of your car looking brand new for many years to come by simply purchasing one of our amazing car sunshades. This may seem like a small thing but it will be a big investment as it will help retain the value of your car for a very long time to come. So what are you waiting for, start shopping for your new windscreen car sunshade right now!

At Maine and Crawford, we have a wide range of unique car windshield sun shadesthat you can choose from. You can get modern car windshield sun shades at a very good price. View our catalogue.

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