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Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Do you have blank living room wall that you’ve been itching to decorate? Well, you’re in for quite of a treat as we have put together a fabulous selection of unique living room wall décor ideas. When you are thinking of what exactly you can put on the wall or against it for that extra design flair, remember that it needs to appeal to you and must also match and complement the rest of the room. At Maine & Crawford we love home décor and we have the perfect décor items that you can use for your living room wall. To find out what these are, read on!

1. Iridescent mirrors

Using an iridescent mirror on your living room wall is a great way to create depth in your living room. Mirrors have the unique ability to invite light into your living room and they can also make a small space feel larger than it actually is. At Maine & Crawford we have a beautiful selection of ornamental mirrors that will be the perfect addition to any living room wall.

2. Timeless clocks

Another great idea for a living room wall is to have a beautiful clock hanging on it. Clocks are indeed timeless and will always look stylish no matter where they are hung. When choosing one, you need to select a mirror that will seamlessly blend into the rest of your living room décor. At Maine & Crawford we have a wide selection of timeless clocks for you.

3. Small ornaments

If you have cute or small ornaments that you would like to display on your living room wall. Having a shelf where you can organise these small objects will be perfect for your living room wall. This works exceptionally well in a space that already has art and other décor on the walls. At Maine & Crawford we have great quality shelves, side tables and trays for you to choose from.

4. Our special wall decor

Did you know that at Maine & Crawford we have a whole section dedicated to wall décor? Yes, we are that invested in making sure that all our clients have their home décor needs to be met whenever they decide to shop with us. So visit our website and enjoy the wide selection of specialty wall décor items that we have available for you. The home design gives you a platform where you can fully express yourself and create an atmosphere that most reflects who you are. Shop with us and you will surely find unique décor items that will take your home to the next level.

At Maine and Crawford, we have a wide range of unique living room wall décorthat you can choose from. You can get modern living room wall decor at a very good price. View our catalogue, here.

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