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The Beauty Of Jute

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

At Maine & Crawford we love sustainable products. In this blog we explore the unique qualities of Juteas well as why it’s perfect for making beautiful woven baskets and more. Jute is also known as the ‘golden fibre’. It has a lovely golden colour and a silky sheen. Jute is durable and versatile that is why it’s popular in basket making. Add to that it’s also Eco-friendly. We have a wide range of top quality jute baskets for you. Take a look and you may just find something that catches your eye.

1. Jute is strong and versatile

This is an undeniable fact. Jute is also an amazingly versatile fibre. It is durable and hard wearing and the finer threads can be spun to make beautiful cloths. Jute is used all over the world to produce a whole host a products that include roping, sacking, rugs, clothing and it wouldn’t be fair to leave out beautiful baskets. Jute has also been key in many industries over the years. It was incorporated into agriculture, construction, fishing and even the arms industry.

2. Jute is sustainable

One of the best things about jute is that it’s completely carbon neutral. This makes it very sustainable and good for the environment. It’s also fully recyclable and reusable so you can keep it around for a long time before having to replace it. Even after getting a beautiful new jute basket, you can always pass on the old one to someone else that is seen as a small act that could contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Jute is native to the Ganges in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. It’s a rain fed crop and there are no pesticides or fertilisers used in its production. Seen as fast growing and gets harvested after 4-6 months. It is harvested in an environmentally conscious way and a lot of the proceeds from the sale of jute go to improving the lives of the communities on which it is farmed.

3. The beauty of jute

Jute makes the best woven baskets. It’s colour fast meaning it can take up dyes. This feature is used to make intricate baskets that are very eye catching. If you are tired of always using plastic bags, grab yourself one of these jute baskets. This is a great way to move your grocery shopping around while being environmentally conscious.  Visit our website to view our full catalogue.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to view our full catalogue of jute baskets. At Maine and Crawford we have many jute products to suit every preference and price point. You are just a click away from the beautiful jute basket that you deserve.

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