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All You Need To Know About Wicker

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

There’s a good chance that you have heard of rattan wicker or seen some products being used somewhere. ‘Wicker’ refers to a type of woven furniture material that is used to make outdoor furniture. There are many materials that are used to make wicker products these includes cane, bamboo, reed, seagrass and rattan. There are also synthetic versions of these. Wicker is almost synonymous with outdoor furniture and it used to make cosy chairs, strong tables and unique coffee tables.

1. What is rattan and why is it so popular?

Rattan is one of the most popular types of wicker. It’s light and airy and can be used to make both indoor and outdoor furniture. It has a natural organic quality that many people love to incorporate into their homes. Rattan looks great when paired with plush cushions and pillows. It’s also perfectly accents for any other outdoor furniture or sunroom décor you may already have.

Another reason why rattan is so popular it’s a very low maintenance. If it gets dirty all you need is a damp cloth and some mild soap to get it sparkling again. If it gets dusty just use a feather duster and that gets the job done. To extend it’s life span, applying lacquer to newly bought rattan furniture seals in its natural beauty and makes it look new for a very long time. All you need to do is make sure that it is not exposed to excessive moisture or sunlight which may damage it. Last but not least, rattan looks better with age. This means you can use rattan furniture for a very long time.

2. Where does rattan come from?

Rattan is a vine tree that is found in South East Asia. As a rattan tree grows the branches start to bed down and grow back into the ground. Some of these trees can grow to an astounding 90 metres.  Rattan is very strong and has a ‘bendable’ quality that makes it perfect for weaving. This makes it ideal for producing top notch patio furniture. Rattan furniture making uses all the material from the plant (peel, pole, core), as such nothing goes to waste or pollutes the environment. This is also another feature that makes rattan very sustainable.

 Did you know that part of the proceeds from rattan sales go to the development of the communities in which rattan is farmed? When you purchase rattan furniture you are also contributing to this cycle of goodwill.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website to view our full catalogue of rattan furniture. At Maine and Crawford, we have many types rattan furniture to suit every preference and price point. You are just a click away from unique, natural wicker furniture for your home.

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