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The Best Beach Tents You Should Check Out in 2020

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Are you looking for a beach tent for the summer? We are here to help you get just that. Top-quality beach tents are very specialized. They are lightweight shelters that protect you from the sun and wind. They are also very easy to pitch and takedown. With one you are able to offer some shelter to your beach mates when the sun is at its peak, it can also be a focal point at the beach for the family or a group of friends, somewhere to store food, have a picnic, or a BBQ.

1.    What to know before buying one

Beach tents are very unique products. They are not like festival tents that can be multipurpose, but at the beach, no other type of tent can match up. Even though they are very specialized, there is a wide variety of beach tents that you can choose from. The main differentiating factors are the size and design of the beach tent as well as the weight of the beach tent.

On top of that, there are different UV ratings that these beach tents have. A good UV rating will make sure that you do not fry even while you are in the shade. Finally, beach tents come in a variety of designs some are easier to pitch than others. There is nothing as annoying as a beach tent that is always flying in the wind and will not stay stable you need to invest in a good quality one that can do what it is supposed to.

2.    Our top picks

At Maine & Crawford, we have a Good Vibes department where you can get amazing beach tents. Our summer beach tents come in a wide variety. We have polka dot inspired beach tents for those that love a chic look while they are at the beach. Flamingo themed beach tents are also on offer. These are the perfect choice for those that are a bit more playful and want to let their inner child out while they are at the beach.

If you really love fruit we have summer beach tents that are pineapple themed. This is a great way to really embrace the summer and all the lovely fresh, fruity vibes that it brings. If the watermelon is more your vibe, we have that too on offer as part of our catalogs. So what are you waiting for, visit our website and get ready for the beach in style.

At Maine and Crawford, we have a wide range of unique beach tents that you can choose from. You can get modern beach tents at a very good price. View our catalogue, here.

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