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The Top Floor Lamps Buying Tips in 2020

by ACP Group 12 Apr 2023

Who doesn’t love a great floor lamp? They are the unsung heroes of any lighting scheme as they produce much-needed illumination in any room. Modern floor lamps are versatile, they can provide widespread ambient lighting as well as direct task lighting. Whatever mood you want to create in a space floor lamps will be able to step up to the brief. To help you continue to read on to find out what things you need to look for while you are searching for the perfect floor lamp.

1. Know the different types

The basic structure of all floor lamps is always the same, there is a sturdy base that sits on the floor, a tall stem that comes from the base and a light that is either direct or diffuse. Even so, floor lamps come in a variety of styles that have their separate functions. Ambient floor lamps are the most commonthey provide general lighting to a room. They have traditional lamp shades that diffuse the light which makes them great for living rooms.

Reading floor lamps provide direct and focused light when compared to other types of floor lamps. They are useful in reading nooks, desks and any other space that needs direct lighting. Up-light and torchiere floor lamps are more of an accent to any room than an actual source of lighting. The add depth to the colour scheme and round out the design that is found in any room.

2. Know the different features

On top of being a neat lighting addition floor lamps can have other cool features as well. There are USB floor lamps that have a port where you can charge your devices. This allows you the convenience of charging your gadgets in situ without needing an outlet. Floor lamps with dimmers allow you to vary the amount of light being produced. If you want the option of having two levels of light but do not want a dimmer there are floor lamps with double pull chains.

3. Consider the cost and design

The cost of floor lamps varies widely depending on which floor lamps you choose. There are lamps with a lower cost as they are purely functional, then there are more artistic designs that can cost a lot more. You just need to know what you are looking for and which price range you’d be comfortable in. Other factors such as the size of the lampshade or the height of the floor lamp will also affect how the illumination of the room will come out. Keep these in mind.

At Maine and Crawford, we specialize in home décor. We have a wide selection of unique floor lamps that you can choose from. Our team of design experts is always available to help you pick and choose the best floor lamps for you.

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